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Cats are definitely loveable creatures. Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, is known to love cats.

My neighbour next door has quite a few cats. The cats were initially shy of my wife and I but once I fed them, they became attracted to us. They know when to ask for food! When they hear we are opening the main door, they come to the front yard and making sound – “please feed us” – may be that what they say. But we love the cats.

Enjoy the photos of the cats.

In Memory

In Memory – a tribute to some of the cats that had been part of our lives. My wife and I will always treasure the moments with these cats. These cats just came to our home from nowhere and became permanent residents of our home. They became the best companion in our lives.

Malay Music – Gamelan

On September 29, 2012, the Ministry of Education organised a Malay music competition amongst the fully residential schools in Malaysia. There were two categories, one was Gamelan and the other was Caklempong. The objective of the competition was to preserve traditional musics and to uncover talents amongst students.

More than twenty fully residential schools in Malaysia took part in both categories. In the gamelan category, the winner was Alam Shah Islamic College. Dato’ Abdul Razak School, on the other hand, won the caklempong category.

Besides the prize giving, the highlight of the closing ceremony was the gamelan performance by the University of MARA Technology Institute (UiTM) and caklempong performace by National Arts Academy (ASWARA). The crowd was really entertained by the performance. It was an eye opener to the schools which took part in the competition.

Below are the gamelan performnce bu UiTM. Both videos were recorded using Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF-50 f/1.4 lens. I am still learning how shoot video using dslr so sorry for the poor quality of the videos. Both videos were edited using Apple iMovie.

Enjoy the videos.


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