December 2012 archive

My Mum’s Pets

Currently, I am on a mont long holidays at my hometown Tenghilan. I come back to my hometown every year during the year-end school holidays. This year, there are new pets – 4 cats and 2 rabbits. They are replacement for the 4 tortoises and and a turtle which had died unexpectedly last year.  These are some photos of the new pets. All photos were taken using Canon 5D Mk III and  EF-100/f2.8 IS macro lens. Please enjoy the photos.

mum_pets-1018 mum_pets-1017 mum_pets-1016 mum_pets-1015 mum_pets-1014 mum_pets-1013 mum_pets-1011 mum_pets-1009 mum_pets-1008 mum_pets-1007 mum_pets-1006 mum_pets-1005 mum_pets-1004 mum_pets-1001 mum_pets-1002 mum_pets-1003 mum_pets-1010

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