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Lamuka’s Family Gathering 2014

Assalamu ‘alaikum dan Hello again. Thank you for taking your precious time to visit my web site.

On December 25, 2014, the Lamuka (Lamun + Kambisai) families organised the annual family gathering. This year, the gathering was hosted by Augustine Asing, the eldest son of the third daughter of the my grandparents. It was a joyous reunion although not all of the clan’s members turned up.

Please enjoy browsing the pictures captured during the event. All images were captured using Sony A6000 and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

All images are copyright of aldusun Photography. No images can be reproduced in any form or in any format without the permission of aldusun Photography.

Class of 1979/80 of SMK Menggatal – Reunion of Science 1 and Science 2 Students


On 16 December 2014,  25 former students of the year 1979/80 Science 1 and Science 2 classes of SMK Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu met for a reunion for the second time. The reunion was held in the Federal Territory of Labuan and was organised by the former students who are currently based in Labuan. The reunion was hosted by the Member of Parliament of the Federal Territory of Labuan, YB Datuk Rozman Bin Datuk Isli. Thank you Datuk for your hospitality.

It is certainly a memorable and enjoyable reunion, even nostalgic. I don’t think those who attended the gathering have had enough; some left after the gathering with heavy heart. Hopefully, we can all meet again in the next reunion. The guest of honour of the reunion this year was our former Physics teacher, the beloved Miss Boey Ping Ping. She came all the way from Pulau Pinang just to meet her former students. Thank you Miss Boey for coming. Do not hesitate to come for the next reunion.

In the mean time, please do enjoy the slideshow of the reunion. And thank you for visiting my website.

Sunset at UMSKAL Beach – First Attempt at Time-lapse

Hello. Welcome to my site.

Today, I tried to do time-lapse photography. The location was the UMSKAL Beach which is a great location to capture sunset if the weather permits. I use Sony’s time-lapse application which is available at a cost at Since this was my first attempt, I used the default setup with the following setting:

  • interval – 5 seconds
  • shot – 300 shots
  • file format – movie at 24p; duration – 12 seconds
  • AE – low tracking
  • Style – sunset

There are still a lot to learn. But through practice and patience, I believe I will be able to familiar myself with time-lapse photography. After all, practice makes perfect.

I hope you do enjoy the result of my first attempt at time-lapse photography.



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