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Sony ILCE-6000 Series – From My In-Law’s Orchard

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Recently, I purchased SEL30M35, Sony 30 mm f/3.5 macro lens for the E-mount. It was a cheap MYR860, purchased from a shop that I frequent in Muar, Johore. I tested the lens with my in-law’s collection of flowers. Overall, the lens performs as expected. Here are some pictures shot using the combination of Sony ILCE-6000 (or A6000) and SEL30M35. The photos were processed minimally in CaptureOne for Sony. The photos show the performance of the little lens.

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-001ISO 100 | 0.4 s | f/5.6 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-005ISO 100 | 1/4 s | f/5.6 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-006ISO 100 | 1/4 s | f/5.6 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-008ISO 100 | 1/4 s | f/5.6 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-013ISO 100 | 0.1 s | f/7.1 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-016ISO 100 | 1/6 s | f/6.3 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-019ISO 200 | 0.4 s | f/5.6 – cropped to 1 X 1

in_law_orchard_2015_feb-023This is a composite of two photos. ISO 200 | 0.1 s | f/7.1


Please do enjoy the photos. Thank you for visiting aldusun.com


A6000 Series – Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Various images shot using Sony A6000 + SAL1650 + LA-EA4. Location is Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Federal Territory of Labuan. Images were processed in Capture One for Sony. Click on an image to see its actual size. Thank you.

Time-lapse Series – Palm Beach Resort dan Spa, Labuan, Malaysia

February 1 is the Malaysia’s Federal Territory Day. There are three Federal Territory in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. The day is also an official holiday for the three territories. During the holiday, I took the chance to shoot time-lapse of sunset at Palm Beach Resort and Spa, Labuan. The time-lapse was created from 171 photos. All photos were shot using Sony A6000 with SAL16-50 f2.8 mounted on LA-EA4 adapter. Time-lapse app used was Sony Timelapse app which is available for Sony E-mount cameras. All images were processed in CaptureOne Pro for Sony and combined into video¬†using Apple iMovie.

I am still new to time-lapse photography. Please do leave comment so that I can improve on my timelapse skill. Enjoy the video and thank you.


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