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Memories with Form 5 students of Labuan Science School. May your dreams come true.

Sunset @ Dorset Labuan

Sunset timelapse as seen from Dorset Hotel, Labuan. Taken on 30 August, 2015.

Sony A7R, Zeiss 24-70/f4.

Time-lapse Series – Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the well-known Tanjung Aru Beach. I have not visited the beach for a very long time. What a different beach it is after such a long time. There are now stalls selling varieties of food. There are also open bars. It seems that visitors can entertain themselves until mid-night.

My purpose to visit the beach is to try to do time-lapse of sunset. The beach is an excellent location to watch the sun sets itself. However, the weather was not cooperative on the day. It was about to rain. Lightning was seen at the distance. I managed to take several hundreds shots for time-lapse. Below is the time-lapse, a combination of 210 shots, taken with the Sony ILCE-7R also known as A7R. Enjoy the video.


More about Tanjung Aru Beach is available at

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