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Labuan Landscape 1

Labuan is a small island west of Borneo. The island is a federal territory of Malaysia and is surrounded by the South China Sea. The UMSKAL beach (University Malaysia Sabah Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan or the Labuan International Campus of the University of Malaysia Sabah) is a popular attraction for picnic goers and photographers. Enjoy the images which were shot at sunset at the UMSKAL beach.


Sony ILCA-77M2 | ISO 64 | 16 mm | f9.0 | 1.0 sec


Sony ILCA-77M2 | ISO 64 | 16 mm | f9.0 | 0.4 sec

The images were processed in Adobe Lightroom.

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Muar – The Royal Town with Sony ILCA-77M2 and ILCE-A6000

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Muar is a small town located northeast of Johore, Malaysia. Several years ago, it was declared as the Royal Town. Muar is famous for its food especially the “Mee Bandung Muar” and “Ikan Asam Pedas”. Besides the food, the Royal Town is also blessed with beautiful landscape. I have had the opportunity to stroll through the town’s recreational area locally known as “Dataran Muar”. This is an area by the Muar river where people flock every evening to enjoy themselves with their families. Enjoy the pictures. All pictures were treated in Lightroom 5.7.


Muar Square.
ILCE-600 | 40mm | 1/500 | f5.6 | ISO 100

muar20141205-002Muar Square.
ILCE-600 | 28mm | 1/200 | f6.3 | ISO 200

muar20141205-003.Muar Square
ILCE-600 | 28mm | 1/200 | f6.3 | ISO 125

muar20141205-005Muar Square.
ILCE-600 | 28mm | 1/200 | f6.3 | ISO 200

muar20141205-006Muar Square.
ILCE-600 | 28mm | 1/125 | f6.3 | ISO 160

muar20141205-007Muar Square.
ILCE-600 | 17mm | 1/100 | f6.3 | ISO 200

muar20141205-008Even cats comes to to relax themselves at Muar Square.
ILCE-600 | 19mm | 1/160 | f6.3 | ISO 1600

muar20141205-004Muar second mosque as seen from the other side of Muar River.
ILCA-77M2 | 18mm | 1/250 | f9.0 | ISO 160

muar20141205-010Muar second mosque.
ILCA-77M2 | 50mm | 1/8 | f11 | ISO 160

muar20141205-011Sunset at Muar. On the foreground is the Strait of Malacca
ILCA-77M2 | 16mm | 1/4 | f9.0 | ISO 50

muar20141205-012Muar second mosques at night.
ILCA-77M2 | 35mm | 25 sec | f11 | ISO 400


At the background is Muar bridge.
ILCA-77M2 | 45mm | 25 sec | f11 | ISO 320

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All images are copyright of aldusun Photography. No images can be used or reproduced in any form with permission.

Sungai Pagar Beach

End of last year, I was transferred to Labuan Science School. The school is only about 200 metres from a beach. Every weekend, the beach is frequent by locals to picnic with family members. The breeze from the sea is refreshing. The beach is also a place to alleviate work related stress. Thanks Allah for giving me the opportunity to give my service in the school.


On the background is the international campus of the Malaysian University of Sabah


Sea weeds are plenty on the shore


How did this come to the beach?


Another waste product found at the beach


Rocks a plenty at the beach. Must be careful especially during high tide


Sometimes it is gloomy


Sea shell washed ashore


Sunset at the beach


Sunset at the beach

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