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Batch 2017 Dinner

It has been a long time since the last post!

Finally, the students who sat for the SPM examination in 2017 received their results in March 2018. Congratulations to all! Even though the results were not as expected, your dedication, your diligence and your attitude are excellent. May Allah bless you all in whatever undertaking you are taking in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy this collection of photos taken during the dinner. Click on any image to see the slide show.

Faces of People – Tamparuli

Tamparuli is a small town about 35 km north of Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah. Every Wednesday, flea or open market is held where all kind of things are sold at very reasonable prices. The weekly flea market is one of the attractions in Tamparuli. It is also an opportunity for those who are interested in photography to capture the many faces of people of Tamparuli as many people from all walk of life come to the town every Wednesday.


Many of the sellers are women. They sell a variety of items, local delicacy, local handicraft and many more.


A future businessman in the making.


Even the olds come to the market to enjoy themselves.


 The market is also a place to show one’s talent.


And time to relax and keep abreast with the latest news.


All images were captured using the Sony A7R with Canon EF 40mm lens mounted in Metabone EF-E adapter and processed in Adobe Lightroom.


Street Photography – The Faces of People of Labuan

August 31 is the independence day of Malaysia. It is celebrated nationwide but because of the recent tragedy that affected the country, this year celebration was in small scale. In the Federal Territory Labuan however, there was no celebration. There was no parade; the only activity was an explorace.

This year, the Independence Day falls on Sunday. Eve though there was no celebration in Labuan, the weekly flea market was still in operation. The Sunday flea market is where local people sell local products ranging from local food to clothing. It is also a day for family outing.

The Sunday market is a place for great street photography. I frequent the weekend market and it never disappoint me in capturing the moments people of Labuan spending their great time together, either with friends or with family. I share some of the pictures taken at the Sunday flea market in Labuan. All pictures were taken with the Sony NEX-6 and the old but ever reliable Minolta 70-210mm f/4 lens. Enjoy!

streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1019 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1018 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1017 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1016 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1015 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1014 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1013 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1012 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1011 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1010 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1009 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1008 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1007 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1006 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1005 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1004 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1003 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1002 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1001 streetphoto-labuan-20140831-1020






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